An Australian Icon


Celebrating its 90-year in 2022, SC Global’s Australian subsidiary AVJennings remains one of the most iconic brands in Australia and the country’s best known property developer, creating homes and communities for many generations of Australian families. This milestone is testament to their heritage and established position in the market as a brand synonymous with affordability, quality, and reliability.

In 1999, SC Global acquired a controlling stake of more than 53% in ASX-listed AVJennings through its acquisition of Jack Chia-MPH. This first international acquisition for SC Global was driven by a vision to obtain “a window to go into Australia” with its abundant land and pool of resources that offer potential for development.

In 2006, Simon Cheong started serving as Executive Chairman of AVJennings and led the company’s transformation from contract housing to real estate developer; investing capital and setting a new direction to create a more sustainable landbank and business model over the longer term. Increasing the landbank five-fold to over 13,000 lots, the company has become more streamlined and focused on its core strength of offering developed land, completed housing, and low-rise apartments.

Operating in the Australian states of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Southern Australia and also developing a project in Auckland, New Zealand, the company’s geographical diversity underpins its strength as a residential property developer, providing a diverse range of housing and land options.

Creating Communities

AVJennings homes are designed to create communities that fulfil the needs of certain sections of the community. Community building requires an understanding that we are joining an existing, wider community, knowing that one day our role will end and the community will become self sustainable. To do so, communities must be safe, inclusive, innovative, and affordable. As the world we live in continues to change, and how we live changes with it. We are more connected and yet our lifestyles are more diverse. From the diversity of families, workplaces, and schools, AVJennings believes passionately in the building of communities, connecting people, keeping them active, and helping them play. Helping its communities to enjoy better, healthier, and happier lives.