Our Commitment to the Future


We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint. Sustainability and environmental efficiency are considered throughout the design process with the use of sustainable products, energy saving technologies, and green construction policies.

Sustainability with

SC Global

The world is experiencing many environmental challenges and there is a pressing concern to safeguard the environment to ensure the future of our planet. Our commitment to sustainability starts when we first identify a site and explore its environment. We believe in cultivating a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment and the surrounding community.

There are certain sustainable approaches employed as a matter of course across all our properties to minimise global emissions and conserve diminishing natural resources both through construction and the behavioural design of the properties. It is important not to use a blanket approach to all projects, but to tailor design initiatives based on the unique characteristics of each individual project. Sustainable buildings are not just about energy efficiency. Sustainable sustainability is rooted in everyday behaviour, encompassing good design and a meaningful environment for the well-being of its residents.

Our Sustainability Priorities