Sculptura Ardmore x Leica Camera

To celebrate the completion of Sculptura Ardmore, SC Global partnered with Leica Camera Asia Pacific to host a photography competition. Participants were asked to celebrate the beauty of an original piece of architecture by taking photographs of Sculptura Ardmore from outside of its grounds. A fascinating project where we witnessed the beauty of Sculptura’s iconic form seen through other people’s eyes.

Photo by Andrew Jun Xian Koh – 8th place finalist

Over 140 photographic entries were submitted by 70 budding photographers and camera enthusiasts including some SC Global residents. As part of the collaboration, SC Global residents were also invited to take part in a private photography workshop conducted by professional architectural photographer Francisco Marin.

Photo by Andrew Jun Xian Koh – 8th place finalist

There were some incredible photographs in the collection which illustrate a broad spectrum of creative styles and approaches. Both brands share the same belief in building beautiful creations through the art of engineering and with careful thought. It is only natural that the magnificent lines, shapes, and colours that are created from developments are married with photography in the art form of ‘Architecture Photography’.

Photo by Calvin Chan – 1st place winner
Photo by Jamie Zhan – 2nd place finalist

Sculptura: A Photographic Study of Originality

SC Global and Leica announced the top 3 finalists at a private preview to open the exhibition ‘Sculptura: A photographic study of originality’ at the Leica Galerie in Raffles Hotel Arcade. The exhibition showcased the top 17 works of the shortlisted finalists. The exhibition was the perfect celebration of originality in architecture and design and illustrated both brands shared corporate beliefs in original thought and innovation.

Photo by Andrew Kawijaya – 3rd place finalist
Photo by Geraldine Yeo – 5th place finalist

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