Our Vision

The Architecture of Luxury

We believe that living well has everything to do with good design and creativity. At SC Global, luxury is a given. Our design team is central to our success, working in a partnership of creative exchange with talented architects, who share our constant pursuit for perfection and original thought. This allows us to break away from the industry norms to craft finer residential living spaces that raise the bar in luxury living standards.

We believe in engaging the local design community and have always been a strong advocate for the merits and talent of Singapore architects and designers. We understand what makes for good design. Rather than relying on celebrity designers, we work with Singapore-based architects, taking the best standards set globally and improving them to suit the complexities of the local environment. We believe in providing our partners an environment to explore original design concepts whilst questioning traditional definitions of luxury.

The SC Global Design team oversees the design development, construction, project management, and property management of each development; reviewing partners and operating practices to incorporate social and environmental considerations and anticipate our customers’ needs to ensure perfection at every level.

Our Inspirations

Original works of art are powerful inspirations in our everyday life. They can uplift us, evoke moments of contemplation, and spark conversation. The relationship between art and architecture is forever intertwined and forms an important part of the brand’s DNA. The physical interaction between thoughtfully placed art and people can enrich a space, bringing new levels of energy.

By supporting local and international artists through the commissioning of works and sponsorship of major exhibitions, SC Global hopes to inspire the next generation of Asian artists and designers to question traditional boundaries and find their own voice in creating original concepts.

Street Scene – Back Lane of Telok Ayer 2006 Chua Ek Kay

Our Craftsmanship

Every project is a labour of love steeped in an uncompromising passion for craftsmanship, sourcing the world for the finest materials. Our luxury condominiums are often referred to as ‘collectibles’. We handcraft each unique property within our portfolio, continually and meticulously refining the details to ensure every development is of the utmost quality; a craft that involves a thoughtful response to even the most mundane of experiences.

Petit Collectibles

Compact by design, Petit Collectibles is a new design philosophy that brings fresh perspectives in luxury living to suit changing lifestyles and priorities with homes primarily in one and two-bedroom configurations.

A refreshingly honest new concept that follows no rules, ‘Petit Collectibles’ showcase the ingenuity and innovation that can be employed without sacrificing the defining principles of luxury that embody an SC Global home. Design and space planning are crafted and considered to create living spaces with flexible functionality that combine absolute comfort with everyday practicality, whilst feeling spacious beyond their dimensions.