SC Homes

SC Homes was created to develop landed properties primarily in exclusive ‘Good Class Bungalow’ areas that encapsulate SC Global’s brand values.

Each luxury home is designed and handcrafted in line with SC Global’s meticulous standards, with an uncompromising passion for the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.

SC Homes – Windsor Park

Rethinking the Modern Singapore House

SC Homes also includes a collection of large bungalows owned by SC Global in coveted residential enclaves.

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    • Two-storey five-bedroom with guest room, study, library, work studio and private swimming pool (Built-up area of 8,900 sqft / Land Area 13,500 sqft).
    • Two-storey house five-bedroom GCB with basement and private swimming pool (Built-up area of 8,440 sqft / Land Area 15,980 sqft).
    • Two-storey five-bedroom GCB with cigar room and private swimming pool (Built-up area of 10,440 sqft / Land Area 16,650 sqft).
    • Two-storey five-bedroom house with basement & private swimming pool (Built-up area of 9,180 sqft / Land Area 8,590 sqft).

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